About Us

Welcome to the new Goodmudders website. It is all under construction and is a work in progress. As time goes on pictures and comments will be added.


Thank you for your interest in Goodmudders Professional Interior Installation. We are a small but professional service for all your interior needs. Though our craft is drywall and drywall installation we also handle most every aspect of renovation and repair. We have a small but experienced crew that handle all your needs in a professional manner. For  more specialized work that requires certified trades we have registered contractors we work with on an ongoing basis

.Feel free to contact myself Donald J Stefanovich Jr. at

412.292.4192 (call, voicemail, text) anytime


[email protected]


Additionally you can contact Mark Louder at

412.292.1616 (call,voicemail,text)


[email protected]


A little history of us.

Myself and business partner (and brother in law Mark) started working together finishing drywall back in the mid 90s when the housing boom was going strong. We worked as sub contractors for a few of the larger drywall companies around at the time. We always approached the job with the attitude of doing the best possible work we could do. That attitude always afforded us in having something to do. Things were very strong for quite a few years but we could tell things were changing. Right around 2000 the housing market was starting to change. Builders were going out of business and belt tightening was happening all over the market. We started to see a slow in work and immigrant workers were starting to show up, bringing the price down allowing may builders to compete to stay in business. Many of the other guys we worked around were getting out of the business. Mark and I (not being quitters) hung in there and did what we had to and made it work. As time went on, though difficult, we were doing OK. We were getting older and we both got married and kids would soon be on the way for the both of us. The influx of workers willing to work for a fraction of the price we were able too soon showed a lack of work for us but still we tried to hang in there. Around 2007, both with new born sons, the housing market fell apart. Steady work for us was proving difficult, but still we hung in there. Right at the end of 2009, work extremely tight, low paid workers at a high, we found ourselves sitting and waiting for work. After meeting for the contractors we did steady work for, for many years we were asked to cut our costs to the rate that we started at back in the 90s. We were at a crossroads. We both had families, we dedicated our lives to this trade and were being phased out.Still we hung in there, doing side work to keep us and families afloat.At the beginning of 2010, things were abysmal from the highs we once experienced. After being asked to cut our costs again we decided we had to do something. “How about we make our side work, our work”. That was the beginning, but who are our customers and what do we call ourselves? The economy was down, new housing was down. People were hanging onto what they had and improving their current property.That was our target customer. We would provide professional services to these people that wanted the biggest bang for their buck and not wonder what they spent it on. What to call ourselves? I was never a fan of   “Donny’s Drywall” or “Mark’s Drywall” so we needed something better. We are good at what we do, but not the best. We would never claim to be something that could be seen  as arrogant. We knew we were good and we both knew that to be true and we were mudders (another word for drywall tapers/drywall finishers). So when we said Goodmudders out loud it stuck and was what we knew to be true and so it became the name.

Since then we have given every customer professional services no matter what it was we were doing. We always strive to be different but it had to be a better different. Our reputation means everything and let out customers speak out and share if we are “good” or not.